Data Storage & Backup

In today’s world, there are multiple data storage options available from hard drives to the cloud. We don’t prefer old techniques when we consult you about your data storage requirements and our artificial intelligence-supported team makes recommendations based on the usage of your company or business. More in particular, after identifying your prominent data by Techstrank’s IT project management and confirming by your company, we support you by establishing automatic backup solutions daily, even instantly depending on the situation, so that you can experience the comfort of knowing that you can protect it anywhere.

Techstrank’s cloud storage and backup allow for limitless devices and support their sync files in full measure. Its archiving software is futuristic and proven by well-known companies. It is one jump ahead of anything as “accidental” in the software world. Your files are never deleted from the cloud even if you think so and we have been also aiming to support your mobile backups. You will be incredibly safe when you transfer your business files or recover them.