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Inspired by the way of knowing the difference between small and big businesses, we developed our project management institute with the help of deep research and essential knowledge of our human resources; it allowed Techstrank’s pioneering team members as leaders in IT project management.

Beginning in 2023, we can assure you that Techstrank’s IT industry has one of the best-qualified technical backgrounds on account of our software solutions being united with the latest artificial intelligence technology solutions, which is a new technology for project management methodologies.

Technical concepts are planned to be improved better in terms of our team’s productivity in order to build the best project management software for the best IT project team and project life cycle. Our sense of “every second counts in this life cycle” brought us here.



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    Our Services We Provide

    Network Solutions

    The first thing as indispensable in a company’s IT project management is its IT infrastructure. Nothing is beginner’s luck within this context. Techstrank guarantees your IT project management profession by providing intelligent network solutions, trusted by thousands of customers worldwide. Smart network solutions contain systems that reduce your company’s workforce and are economically efficient. IT […]

    Data Storage & Backup

    In today’s world, there are multiple data storage options available from hard drives to the cloud. We don’t prefer old techniques when we consult you about your data storage requirements and our artificial intelligence-supported team makes recommendations based on the usage of your company or business. More in particular, after identifying your prominent data by […]

    Data Center Solutions

    Techstrank also supports you in your IT operational processes under the umbrella of “Data Center Solutions” which adopts reliable and uninterrupted services as principles. We increase your operational efficiency by reducing your risks and costs with customized packages for your different needs. Techstrank’s IT Project Management Data Center Solutions are your assurance so that you […]



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    Our Pricing Plan

    We have multiple options dealing with the Pricing Plan. The most common one is Introduction Plan when they first choose us, and this plan includes our meetings, identifying the problems as well as analysis and reporting, problem-solving, and support services for small businesses. Most customers transfer to the Premium Plan in a period of a month to 45 days after they realize that their business is no small thanks to the performance of the Techstrank pro-team in IT project management.

    Introduction Plan

    To identify your problems and meet us

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    • Problem Reporting
    • Suitable Solutions
    • Free Consultation (1 time)
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    To get professional support & solutions


    • Always Support
    • Cloud Solutions
    • Special Consultant
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    Frequently Asked Questions


    We want to start from scratch for our project plan, how do you quickly realize what's best for an IT project?

    Techstrank never says "break a leg" and doesn't leave a project management office to chance. As a matter of fact, we start from scratch for you. After we define the fittest IT project manager, your optimum project objective is followed as an integrated plan developed within Techstrank's artificial intelligence. We give prime server and consultancy at the maximum level by disposing of your even minimum risk.


    What's the best way to reach agile project management in your IT project consultancy?

    Having a whale of a time in an IT project is the best way after determining what has to be your needs to make you profit and to walk together to reach authentic development in the long run.


    May I choose or use the IT project management methodology that I want for my personal business?

    If you have already led up to your professional collaboration platform, your next step would be for Techstrank to decide on the proper methodology to put into practice.on your IT project management. Absolutely yes, we are user-friendly.


    Will your tools work fast inside my existing software?

    We integrate it with your existing software to provide a fluent sharing practice for all your project managers. Also, you will have UPDATED tools that Techstrank keeps always in its memory for changeable software offerings for your IT project management.


    How often will you be reporting progression?

    Techstrank represents all "must-have" issues connected with your visions of templates based on your business needs. It will be based on your business type and artificial intelligence-supported daily in a privatized way. Your business won't have to be checking the feedback weekly. You can find the detailed answer about the difference between Techstrank and other consultancy companies for IT project management in the About Us section.