What Does FT Mean on Social Media

Illustration of a green-shirted girl wondering what FT means on YouTube

The abbreviation ft means facetime on social media platforms and when you are talking about apple communications app.

What is FT Meaning on Youtube?

Illustration of a green-shirted girl wondering what FT means on YouTube

You might have seen the abbreviation ft on the title of the music videos or even on the title of a song released recently. In both cases ft means the same thing. It seems a bit confusing as ft meanings could be different in other situations.

For instance, ft without a dot in the abbreviation can have different meanings. The context of the words used in the sentences can make a huge difference in the meaning of the word.

FT means featuring on youtube. It’s usually used in the title of the music videos or songs especially when an artist collaborating with another one for producing it. Let’s take a quick look at Ft meaning on youtube and how and when the users are using it.

What Does FT Exactly Mean on YouTube?

You might have faced the abbreviation ft while listening to your favorite artist or the video shows his or her with the song title including the ft. The abbreviation ft means “featuring” on Youtube.

The common definition of FT is used when a singer or artist records a music video or a song with an invited artist. As Youtube has got millions of music videos and songs you would see “ft” way more often than other abbreviations.

How Can Users Use FT on YouTube?

Two people appear on a YouTube video together.

As mentioned above, one of the most common definitions of ft is featuring.

You are able to use ft in the title of your music videos or song released if another person collaborated with you on your youtube record.

For example, if you want to upload a video of your trip spent with your friend, you can save your friend’s name in the title of the video along with your own name like “journey vlog ft friend name”.

In a similar way, if you intend to share a video call or a collaborated video with another YouTuber you can put the title of the video as “video call or prank ft the YouTuber’s name or id”.

This is one of the best ways to give the credit to the other person who collaborated with you to form your youtube video. You can share your video also on Instagram, Facebook, the Snapchat app, TikTok, or even on your own website.

What is the Full Form of Feat?

The full form of feat is mainly featuring. The abbreviation ft means similar as featuring and feat. To summarize, the abbreviation ft is the shorter abbreviation form of feat. Ft definition normally can be used to refer to the other person mainly in music videos to make the title even shorter.

Teenagers use this featuring option for uploading their video call, normal videos, or even video chatting with their friends. People can also comment about the video on social media.

What is FT Definition on TikTok?

An illustration of a girl and a boy both listening to music on their phones.

Ft abbreviation is something that you might encounter a lot while using social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.

Whether you look up ft meaning in an urban dictionary or any other cyber definitions you come up with the definition which refers to a music video that had been made with another artist collaborating with the main one.

It’s somehow a TikTok slang term which has been used by users for a long period of time now.

Actually, it means featuring someone else you decided to choose to be included in the video just like in real life when you see a music video from a famous artist.

In real life, you might not feel very convenient to ask someone else to feature in your video clip but you can easily search for other adults or teenagers using the same platform to help you for filming your video about any topic you like.

Why Do Users on Instagram or Other Apps Make FT Videos?

A guy is sitting on a chair using a laptop to watch a YouTube video.

Admittedly making videos using FT content can lead to making a lot of money so it’s better for you to start having conversations with other users on TikTok or Instagram who have a huge impact on their followers.

So, you can guess that in financial times it would be really helpful for you in the virtual world if you come up with good ideas and plans. It can even be interpreted as a mutual trade between you and the other adults or teenagers featuring in your video conversation or video content.

It means that you can simply make a video call with the other person and share it in full format over the app. Or you can just create a music video with them using the popular song or music and share it with others.

What is FT Meaning in Gaming?

In gaming, ft definition is full time which means that you are game over. The definition “full time” has been used in relevance with “half time” in the gaming world.

What is FT Definition in Texting?

While texting your friend on Twitter or Snapchat or other platforms and having a conversation with them you might have seen the term “ft”. You would possibly guess what can ft mean on that platform. So, the answer while talking to someone is that your friend would like to have a video call or facetime with you.

What is FT Definition on Twitter?

It simply can refer to the word football Twitter account. It’s where football fans can anonymously discuss and argue about their idea and opinions related to football.

What is the Meaning of Subscribing to the FT?

An illustration of a girl and a boy both listening to music on their phones.

Financial Times is basically a daily newspaper printed in the UK which focuses on economy and business. It is published in broadsheet and digital form. Financial times brings exclusive news from all over the world especially Europe- focused events are covered. You can subscribe to financial times and pay the fee monthly or yearly.

Many people across Britain have access to the app of financial times and can read the latest news through the digital format or simply go to financial times website and check the news from there.

Any Other Definition for FT as Slang Term?

Actually, the standardized symbol of foot is ft. So, if you came across the abbreviation ft somewhere you would be able to guess that it is short for foot or feet. It can be used by adults or teenagers while talking, or when they chat or search for the exact definition.

Ft definition is Sometimes to Facetime

Unfortunately, facetime is not working with Snapchat so if you are using that app firstly you need to close it and then you can facetime with your friend. So, facetime is another common definition of ft which is also called one of the cyber definitions of a word.


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